John F. Paulisick

Examiner of Questioned Documents

John is a retired Supervisory Special Agent of the Federal Bureau of Investigation.  John served thirty-four years in the FBI as an investigator and forensic examiner of questioned documents.  He received his training relating to questioned documents at the FBI Laboratory in Washington, DC.  This training consisted of a full time two year period under the guidance of qualified FBI document examiners.

John has testified to his forensic examinations on numerous occasions.  John has been accepted as an expert witness in twenty-seven states and ten of the eleven United States Federal Judicial Districts.

Over the years John has provided advanced training to many local, state and federal experienced forensic questioned document examiners at the FBI Academy Quantico, Virginia.  John has also provided presentations to both prosecution and defense attorneys regarding the discipline of questioned documents.

John possesses a Bachelor of Arts degree from Duquesne University        Pittsburgh, PA and a Master of Forensic Science from George Washington University Washington, DC.

John is currently a member of the Southeastern Association of Document Examiners and the Society of Former Special Agents of the FBI.


Betty Reynolds

Examiner of Questioned Documents

Betty Reynolds has over 25 years experience is the field of Questioned Document Examination which includes both criminal and civil cases.   Betty graduated from Georgia State University with a Bachelor of Science Degree.   Upon completion of her degree, she completed a two year apprenticeship program in Forensic Document Examination at the Georgia Bureau of Investigation, Division of Forensic Sciences; which included training in all aspects of forensic document examination.   She also received Questioned Document training from the United States Secret Service. Betty retired from the Georgia Bureau of Investigation in 2016.

Betty has testified in local, state and federal courts throughout Georgia and has been qualified as an Expert in the field of forensic document examination over 50 times.   Mrs. Reynolds has taught classes and lectures in the field of forensic document examination to local law enforcement agencies, local college institutions, local fraud investigators, the Georgia Public Safety Training Center and the Georgia Division of the International Association of Identification.   She attends annual training through professionally sponsored workshops and meetings and is a member of the Southeastern Association of Forensic Document Examiners  Betty is a past President and Vice-President of SAFDE and has also served as Workshop Chair and Site Chair.  A more detailed curriculum vitae is available upon request.